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AOPA - Past Achievements for GA

Member or not, all of GA has benefitted from our past achievements.

AOPA Past Achievements for GA

  • We were instrumental in the development and introduction of the UK National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL).
  • We were the first to campaign for a poor weather rating, which resulted in the IMC Rating (much opposed at first by other associations).
  • We were successful in having AVGAS treated as a special fuel with a lower rate of duty, currently worth almost 20p per litre including VAT for any aviation gasoline. For an aircraft that burns 30 litres per hour and is flown 50 hours a year that means a saving of £300 - almost 3 times an annual membership of AOPA!
  • We persuaded EASA not to introduce VFR Navigation charges for aircraft up to 2000 Kg. This concession is saving you around £20 per hour. We continue fighting to retain it.
  • We were fully involved in the campaign to have the Part-M Aircraft Maintenance regulation reviewed by EASA and replace it with a lighter regime for private aircraft.
  • We were fully involved in the revision of PPL training at EASA and will continue involvement with the UK CAA post EASA.
  • We have been campaigning for a basic Instrument Rating for Private Pilots, which is now a reality.
  • We have provided personal assistance to hundreds of pilots who have fallen foul of the CAA (and some who have fallen foul of European Regulators), saving many a court appearance.
  • We have successfully campaigned for an appropriate response to regulatory offences, including infringements, not automatic prosecution.
  • We have influenced the revision of Flight Training facility regulations, giving Student Pilots a wider choice of where to learn to fly.
  • We were the first GA Association to seek sensible alleviations during the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • We are the only GA Association to have an interest in the UK Flight Training Industry through our Corporate membership.
  • We are the only GA Association to be involved with Electronic Conspicuity for GA and take part in Project GAINS, which has led to the UK CAA being able to allow the carriage of non-certified EC devices and a refund offer on the cost of EC devices. 
  • We are committed to ensuring safe shared access to airspace for GA with the increasing use of "drones" and other unpiloted aircraft.
  • We will focus on making GA environmentally friendly and meet future environmental targets.

No-one else achieves more, and continues, to help you keep flying and protect your investment in GA.

No-one else has the reach of AOPA together with IAOPA.

Not a member of AOPA but benefitting from any of our past achievements? Time to give something back?

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